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Musings of a New Grad Engineer

I joined Panorama Education as a Full-Stack Engineer fresh out of grad school. I’ve been very fortunate to have had a positive experience with my first job out of college, and wanted to share some of the important elements of day-to-day work that have made this an enjoyable experience. The following is a brief snapshot of what I’ve learned and am continuing to learn based on my own personal experience.

Engineering is collaborative

Back in school, coding was usually a thing you do yourself. Sometimes you’re working on group projects, but most of the time, it was me and my laptop. At Panorama, I’ve learned that there are parts of software engineering that are done individually, but there is a huge part of work that is collaborative. There are many opportunities to dig into a problem as an individual, but nothing can really get done without at least one other person. It is impossible to build and maintain something of large scale and impact alone.

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